Toyota has sold it’s 8 millionth Hybrid vehicle

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The automobile has had a plethora of changes since the birth year of the modern car in 1886. None-the-less; from the steam powered cars of the 19th century, to the most sophisticated modern machines in the world today, we as humans seem to always be sprinting on the technological treadmill of perfection.  With that being said, this very same “technological treadmill” that we run on each and every day keeps picking up pace as time moves along.

“As the ultimate end-users of our own technology, how do we know when to grasp onto a specific trend or idea?”


Toyota Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada likes to tell the story of how his team   couldn’t get the first Prius prototype to move for 49 days. According to him, “We had  no idea what was wrong, so we worked late every night trying to figure it out. We  finally got it to move around Christmas time, but it only went 500 meters!” That was  back in 1995, when hybrid cars were unproven, experimental machines with a very  unclear future. If we fast forward to August 21st 2015, Toyota has announced that it has now sold over 8 million hybrid vehicles. It took awhile for cultures around the  world to catch onto hybrid technology when it was made available to the public back  in 1995, but after this announcement…

“we as humans can faithfully say that not only did  hybrid technology become accepted; it has almost become the norm.”



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