Car Batteries VS New Hampshire

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If your battery is 3 years or older, it is a good idea to get it tested. Getting your battery tested regularly at your local dealer, can prevent a “no-start” situation and can save you a ton of frustration. If you are experiencing a battery issues because of the recent cold weather in New Hampshire, we can help! Visit any of our dealerships and our Certified Technicians are here for you!    

Mazda Drive 4 Good

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Today is World Kindness Day, we figured it would be a good time to announce the Mazda Drive 4 Good event . Mazda will be hosting this event for six weeks from 11/25/13 until 1/2/14. How does it work? Well, during Mazda Drive for Good, Mazda will be giving back to the community in a few ways. For every Mazda test drive at our dealership, Mazda will pledge one hour of their time to a local worthy cause. If you purchase or lease any new Mazda vehicle then $100 will be donated to a select national or local charity. The national charities include: Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital, American Red Cross, American Heart Association and the Mazda Foundation. Come in for a test drive during these six weeks or purchase/lease a Mazda and you will walk out knowing you just helped a charity! Now tell us, how do you help charities?  By Danielle Roller

September New Owner’s Clinic

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This week we will be hosting 4 New Owner Clinics. Ford/Mazda: September 18 at 5:30 p.m. Hyundai: September 18 at 5:30 p.m. Toyota/Scion: September 19 at 5:30 p.m. Honda: September 19 at 5:30 p.m. What is a New Owner’s Clinic? This is a chance for you to become familiar with the service department at Grappone and ask any questions you may have on your new vehicle. We want everyone to feel comfortable walking into Grappone for service and know who they will be dealing with and how we operate. We serve dinner at 5:30 and the clinic begins at 6. You will get a tour of the shop, meet service advisors and certified technicians. We will answer any questions you have about our facility or your new car. If you can’t make it to the clinic you can always call us with questions: (800) 528-8993 or visit our site You must RSVP to this event by calling Vickie at 603-226-8376 by 5 p.m. on 9/17.

Happy Anniversary Grappone Mazda

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Automotive News will be here on Thursday to mark Grappone Mazda‘s 40th anniversary! Did you know that Grappone Mazda is one of the oldest Mazda dealers in the United States? We’ve had the franchise for only three years less than the manufacturer has been in the country. Where else can you find a dealership that has such a great history? Grappone Mazda joined the Grappone Family in 1973, 49 years after Grappone Automotive Group was founded in 1924. On Thursday, September 6, we had an anniversary celebration at Grappone Mazda. We were presented with a a 40 year plaque by the Mazda Regional General Manager, Peter Donnelly.  The 2014 Mazda 3 made an appearance at the celebration!

You Can Win An Oil Change!

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Like either our Ford or Mazda Facebook page and then enter for a chance to win an oil change. There will also be a winner chosen for a $25 L.L. Bean gift card and another winner to receive a $10 Amazon gift card. Three great prizes and all you have to do is submit your name and email!! Click here to enter with the Ford Facebook Click here to enter with the Mazda Facebook   Good Luck!!!!   *One entry per person. The contest runs until the end of May and then the winners will be contacted via email.

Let Grappone Service Your Mazda

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Receive a FREE oil change for your Mazda vehicle!! Have you ever been serviced by Grappone Mazda? Come give us a try! If you make an appointment for, or stop in before the end of day Saturday (3/30) with your Mazda and you have NEVER been serviced by us you will get a free oil change! 800-528-8993 or 226-8049

Working with Grammie

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How many people can say that they get to work with their 93-year-old grandmothers?  I can! This is Grammie (aka Ruth, Mrs G. , or just “boss”).  Her name tag tells the story: she’s been a Grappone team member since 1940 when she married my grandfather John Grappone.  Did you notice that her pants match that Miata? Don’t think it’s a mistake:  Grammie shows up EVERY SINGLE DAY with her head, hands, and heart, and greets our Ford and Mazda guests. Thanks, Grammie, for being so awesome!  If you’d like to meet Grammie, you’ll find her at Grappone Ford Monday through Saturday.   -Amanda Grappone Osmer, 4th Generation Owner

SKYACTIV Technology

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Mazda is beginning to incorporate SKYACTIV Technology in their cars. The 2012 Mazda3 had added SKYACTIV features to the model, but now Mazda is building their vehicles from the ground up using this technology in every aspect of the car.  In order to create a new system in the vehicles they had to reinvent the engineering components. By now you are probably thinking – what does ANY of this mean? Here is the information simplified. Mazda’s have a better fuel economy, 15% better to be exact. This will give you more miles per gallon, which saves you money on gas and emits a little less pollution into the air. When car companies give a car better fuel economy that usually means they lose something from the performance department – speed, handling, acceleration, etc. Mazda had to reinvent the way their cars work in order to keep their high standards of performance while gaining MPG. A lot of science and research was involved. Now the different components of the car work together better and more in sync. They also made their vehicles lighter, which allows the engine to do less work. The CX-5 is 220 pounds lighter than the cx-7 which it replaced in the US market. Now for some technical things (I tried to simplify this section to the best of my ability). Mazda had to redesign the combustion chamber to ignite the fuel faster to help prevent any ‘knocking’ from occurring. Knocking occurs when …


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When I walked into Grappone Mazda, just south of Concord,  there was a car that caught my eye. The 2014 Mazda6. This car has sleek lines and I learned it also has SKYACTIV Technology. This makes the car environmentally friendly. With less fuel consumption and emission but still has the great Mazda driving performance. Soon you will find this technology in all new Mazda’s.