Car Batteries VS New Hampshire

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If your battery is 3 years or older, it is a good idea to get it tested. Getting your battery tested regularly at your local dealer, can prevent a “no-start” situation and can save you a ton of frustration. If you are experiencing a battery issues because of the recent cold weather in New Hampshire, we can help! Visit any of our dealerships and our Certified Technicians are here for you!    


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The Honda Crosstour is a vehicle that can suit all of your needs. Whether you live an adventurous life, have a family, or just like to drive -the Crosstour has something for you.  The Crosstour is as versatile as you are. With Honda Lane Watch whenever you hit your right blinker you activate a camera that shows you your blind spot on the right side of the vehicle, you also have a back up camera. Your trunk is ready for anything. There is a water-resistant utility box beneath the cargo-area floor. This box provides a convenient place to store wet towels or bathing suits, or items needed for New England winters such as tire chains and gloves.   Dacre from Grappone Honda discusses the great Crosstour features:  

September New Owner’s Clinic

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This week we will be hosting 4 New Owner Clinics. Ford/Mazda: September 18 at 5:30 p.m. Hyundai: September 18 at 5:30 p.m. Toyota/Scion: September 19 at 5:30 p.m. Honda: September 19 at 5:30 p.m. What is a New Owner’s Clinic? This is a chance for you to become familiar with the service department at Grappone and ask any questions you may have on your new vehicle. We want everyone to feel comfortable walking into Grappone for service and know who they will be dealing with and how we operate. We serve dinner at 5:30 and the clinic begins at 6. You will get a tour of the shop, meet service advisors and certified technicians. We will answer any questions you have about our facility or your new car. If you can’t make it to the clinic you can always call us with questions: (800) 528-8993 or visit our site You must RSVP to this event by calling Vickie at 603-226-8376 by 5 p.m. on 9/17.

2014 Odyssey

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The 2014 Honday Odyssey has arrived at Grappone Honda! Some of the features found in the Touring Elite are: – a built-in vacuum -16.2 inch entertainment screen with split-screen capability – an audio touch screen – a second touch screen for the rear view camera – Linked Navigation System – a push to start button – sunroof – a cooler box -19/22 MPG -V6 engine -17″ or 18 ” alloy wheels are available

Zombie Apocalypse

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The question of the week has been: What car would you want to have during the Zombie Apocalypse and why? Each person has different priorities when they think about surviving zombies, which means different cars will help them survive. Whether zombies will ever come about is another story, but we had fun thinking about the best car to survive with. Here are some answers from Grappone team members: – Toyota Tundra Diesel: it’s a big truck and the diesel fuel will last longer. – Hyundai Tuscon: it is used in the Walking Dead and has worked for them. – Ford Raptor: great for off roading which will allow you to escape zombies in any terrain. – Ford F150 Ecoboost: get’s more gas mileage than the Raptor would but still packs a punch. – Toyota Camry Hybrid with Run Flat Tires: great fuel economy and the tires will help you run over debris. – 1975 Toyota Celica: aerodynamic, minimal electronics, easy to fix, wedge body style is good for shin breaking. – 2014 Ford Focus Electric: nice and quiet so zombies won’t be able to find you. – Ford F350: huge truck you can squish zombies with. – Ford Escape: Fuel efficient, lots of room for cargo, AWD will allow you to run over zombies. – Toyota 4Runner: great for off roading, a lot of room inside. – Honda Pilot Touring: AWD, sunroof will allow you to shoot on the move, …

1994 Oil Change

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Today a guest came in with his 1994 Grappone Honda Accord, handed down to him from his parents. In the glove compartment he located a gift certificate for a free oil change. Needless to say the gift certificate was about 20 years old. He came in asking if he could use that gift certificate, there was no expiration date and he was unsure of how old it really was. We honored the gift certificate and the guest walked away happy! It’s moments like these that we love. Loyal guests are the best!

Running into old friends!

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I just ran into a man named Peter at the Sandwich Depot (where else??) who was driving a 1930s era Chevy.  Very cool truck! Anyway, we got to talking and it turns out he used to manage our Honda store many years ago.  He told me a great story about my grandfather once making off with a beat up old Subaru we’d taken in trade (it was worth $50 and was on its way to the boneyard).  Peter couldn’t find it for more than a week.  One day he saw it heading down the road with the 1A dealer plate (it was always a particular point of pride for my grandfather that he was issued the first dealer plate by the state of NH!)  When he caught up to John Grappone he said, “John I’ve been looking for that car for a week!”  My grandfather told him – using a couple of colorful phrases I imagine – that there was no way we were sending a car with a full tank of gas to the junkyard.  He returned it to Honda when the tank was on E. What happened to good old fashioned Yankee frugality?? I miss my grandfather 🙂 -Amanda Grappone Osmer, 4th Generation Owner


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The Honda Odyssey is the minivan re-invented. This vehicle gives you the space for all of your family and cargo while still providing style and technology. What do you get in the Honda Odyssey? -A rear view camera (comes standard) -A 16.2-inch, split-screen capable, Ultrawide Honda DVD Rear Entertainment System -Seating for up to 8 people -A sunroof -28 highway MPG -60/40 split third row -A V6 engine -Bluetooth Hands-free Link -A built in cool box (cooler) that can hold 6 12-ounce cans or 4 20-ounce bottles -Blind Spot Information System -Navigation system I guess the real question is, what doesn’t the Honda Odyssey have? -It doesn’t have a vacuum, but Honda already addressed that issue by adding a vacuum to the 2014 edition. Come see for yourself at Grappone Honda!