2016 Ford Escape

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Get ready for the 2016 Ford Escape We are excited to introduce the latest small SUV to our showroom at Grappone Ford in NH. Introducing the all new 2016 Ford Escape…   If you’ve been waiting for a fun, high-performing new SUV in New Hampshire, wait no longer! The 2016 Ford Escape is a joy to drive. Great features like its Torque Vectoring Control and Curve Control that allow you to conquer  those winding New Hampshire scenic highways with ease, even when towing up to 3,500 lbs! Its 6-speed SelectShift automatic transmission allows you the sporty control of a manual while retaining the ease of use that makes you love your automatic, and an available intelligent four wheel drive system means that its performance will always be a cut above, no matter what Mother Nature decides to throw your way. Brilliant available features, from a SYNC 3 voice-activated technology system, to a state of the arts audio system from Sony, to Active Park Assist that helps you parallel park perfectly every time make the 2016 Escape is the ultimate smart, easy to use vehicle. With the perfect blend of sleek, aerodynamic modernity and pure utilitarian functionality, the newest Ford Escape is the ultimate small SUV for the person who craves style, functionality and ease of use. Whoever said that you can’t have it all had obviously never seen the 2016 Ford Escape!   Check Out Grappone Today! Whether you’re from Nashua, …

All new 2015 Ford F-150 NH

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   2015 Ford F-150 NH “A perfect balance of toughness, power, and fuel efficiency” The 2015 Ford F-150 has officially landed at our NH Ford dealership. For 2015, the Ford F-150 has undergone a complete redesign that will give New Hampshire Ford truck shoppers the truck that they desire at the right price. What makes this model so special? To start with, the entire body of the truck has been replaced with light-weight aluminum components. This single overhaul is designed to cut the truck’s weight by a whopping 750 pounds and meet higher fuel efficiency standards. More sleek features to boost the rig’s already sky-high sales figures include an active grill and wheel shutters that close at high speeds to improve aerodynamics. Lets take a look at this amazing new truck and it’s features! Trims The 2015 Ford F-150 in New Hampshire is available in 5 trims; XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, and Platinum. Each of these amazing trims have their own set of standard and available features. New Hampshire Ford F-150 shoppers will absolutely love the huge arsenal of features that this truck provides. Engines For 2015, the all new F-150 has four engine options. First up, is a 2.7L V6 Ecoboost that has a perfect balance of toughness and fuel efficiency. Manchester NH Ford F-150 drivers that seek power without having to sacrifice fuel efficiency, will fall in love with this engine. From it’s lightweight, rigid, design, to …

Our Owner Amanda Grappone Osmer, 2014 TedX Amoskeag Millyard Speaker

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We can only thrive when we’re authentically connected to ourselves, and one another. November 07, 2014 Grappone Automotive Group “We can only thrive when we’re authentically connected to ourselves, and one another.” These words, full of intention and wisdom, express the world-view of a fourth-generation family business owner from New Hampshire. These are the words of Amanda Grappone Osmer, who is leading the charge to reinvent the way that business is done. According to Grappone Automotive’s mission statement, shared values of integrity, kindness and respect are put into action with every aspect of hiring, coaching and training team members with the intent to make it a ‘learning organization.’ In her own words, Osmer has dedicated herself to trying to create a safe, stable environment in which her team can identify and work toward their own potential. Her philosophy, from a business perspective, is that “it makes all the sense in the world to eliminate waste and honor the person doing the work in the name of delivering value to the end user.” Osmer brings a certain level of authenticity to her role within their organization, from promoting team-building activities, such as ‘Boat to Work Day,’ to admittedly enjoying what she calls “one-minute vacations” and encouraging others to join in doing the same. Although helping to run the Grappone family business is a top priority, it’s evident that taking care of people is number one. Consider this firsthand account from one …


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Hello from Rochester, New York. I’ve just spent a tremendously productive two days with our Ford/Mazda and Toyota General Sales Managers, Bob McCullen and Mike Ferris. The trip started with a day long seminar on Self-Determination Theory, and was led by world renowned psychologist Edward Deci. Mike, what was one of the main takeaways for you? “I wouldn’t have thought about leader boards being a bad thing until they mentioned it in the meeting yesterday. If someone sells 14 cars in a month and that’s their full potential, why should we be showing them as not being as “good” as the person who sold more?” What role will you play at Grappone Ford/Mazda when it comes to SDT Bob? “I’m really excited about bridging the gap between what social science knows, and what business does.” My awesome team of dedicated human beings who head up the sales departments at Grappone are trained a little differently than you might expect: required reading includes books on self-determination theory so we can answer questions such as: *How, as leaders, can we create an environment in which our teams can express their intrinsic motivation by being allowed to experience relatedness, competence, and autonomy? We are all training together for a half marathon, which is a great way to bond as a group, but also to maintain a healthy level of fitness in what can be a very stressful industry. Anyway, after the conference we …

Chatting It Up At The Sandwich Depot

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I was at the Sandwich Depot enjoying a breakfast taco this morning (very yummy, just so you know!) and heard some customers chatting with Nancy behind the counter about their experience at Grappone Ford.  They drove all the way from Amherst to purchase from us and I had a chance to chat with them about why they made the drive.  I am always so impressed with our team in sales and service when I meet people who travel from great distances to visit us. I love my team!  Ray is pictured here filling out his Ford survey (no joke!)…hats off to his salesperson Diana Hildreth for her excellent service. -Amanda Grappone Osmer, 4th Generation Owner