Fiddlers in the Showroom

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For the second consecutive year, Grappone Automotive Group was pleased to host the New Hampshire Fiddle Ensemble during their April concert series. Peaceful sounds resonated throughout the Toyota showroom on the evening of Saturday April 1, 2017. The snow storm was no match for the radiance that characterizes the Ensemble and their drive to put on a great show. The NH Fiddle Ensemble raised over $9,000 for the child abuse efforts of the New Hampshire Children’s Trust. The Ensemble kicked off this benefit concert with a two set performance at the dealership. The group embodies many styles of music and plays a wide-variety of instruments in addition to the fiddle. These include banjos, cellos, harps, an accordion, and even a trumpet. Moreover, the concert highlighted beautiful singing and a yodel performance. Main ensemble coach, Ellen Carlson shares her comments on the event, “The ensemble members just love doing the concert at Grappone Toyota. The acoustics are great and the members love that they can interact with the audience. All of the employees at Grappone are so accommodating and welcoming — even providing a “green room” for our members and having the parking lot clear on such a snowy day. The NH Children’s Trust and I find Grappone so easy to work with! I think this partnership of the arts, a community-minded company such as Grappone and a not-for-profit like the Children’s Trust has done some amazing things for a lot of people. We really appreciate their support.” …

2015 Ford Focus NH

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“A new look…. for one of the world’s best selling cars” The 2015 Ford Focus 2015 Ford Focus New Hampshire We are so excited about this release! Many of our guests have been asking about this car and it is finally here! The all new redesigned 2015 Ford Focus has arrived at Grappone Ford in Concord, NH.  For 2015, the Focus has received many inspiring revisions both on the interior and exterior. Since the inception of the Ford Focus in 1998, this incredible car has received much praise from New Hampshire Ford drivers. It is by no surprise that Ford hit the nail on the head with this redesign, and NH drivers will surely love being behind the wheel of this beautiful new car. Like our company history, the Ford Focus is in it’s fourth generation. From it’s newly available 1.0L Ecoboost Engine, to it’s available Lane Keeping System, Manchester Ford drivers will absolutely love all the new changes that have been made to one of New Hampshire’s most popular cars. Visit us at Grappone Ford in Concord, New Hampshire, and test drive yours today! New 2015 Ford Focus exterior styling The front end of the 2015 Ford Focus has received a sleek new Aston-Martin-esque front grill that speaks to those who desire performance and style. Newly swept back lower headlamps create a wider airdam that supports more airflow and oxygen to the engine. The embellishing new lines of the 2015 Ford Focus in …

Our Owner Amanda Grappone Osmer, 2014 TedX Amoskeag Millyard Speaker

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We can only thrive when we’re authentically connected to ourselves, and one another. November 07, 2014 Grappone Automotive Group “We can only thrive when we’re authentically connected to ourselves, and one another.” These words, full of intention and wisdom, express the world-view of a fourth-generation family business owner from New Hampshire. These are the words of Amanda Grappone Osmer, who is leading the charge to reinvent the way that business is done. According to Grappone Automotive’s mission statement, shared values of integrity, kindness and respect are put into action with every aspect of hiring, coaching and training team members with the intent to make it a ‘learning organization.’ In her own words, Osmer has dedicated herself to trying to create a safe, stable environment in which her team can identify and work toward their own potential. Her philosophy, from a business perspective, is that “it makes all the sense in the world to eliminate waste and honor the person doing the work in the name of delivering value to the end user.” Osmer brings a certain level of authenticity to her role within their organization, from promoting team-building activities, such as ‘Boat to Work Day,’ to admittedly enjoying what she calls “one-minute vacations” and encouraging others to join in doing the same. Although helping to run the Grappone family business is a top priority, it’s evident that taking care of people is number one. Consider this firsthand account from one …

Chris Pappas retires from the Grappone Automotive Group

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At 71 years of age, Chris Pappas is retiring from The Grappone Automotive Group. Chris will be missed not only by all the team members at Grappone, but by all the individuals he has built relationships with throughout his 37 year long journey. It is incredible how he has impacted municipalities and organizations all throughout the state with his relaxed charisma and character. Grappone’s mission is to build lifelong relationships with their guests and community by serving them with integrity kindness and respect. If Grappone’s mission was a walking, talking, breathing physical life-form; Chris Pappas would be its avatar. Chris started his journey with Grappone on November 15th, 1971, working at their Pontiac dealership in a hybrid position as General Store Manager and Fleet Sales Representative. After 12 years at the Pontiac dealership, Chris decided he wanted to try something new and left Pontiac. Shortly after Chris left, John Grappone called him several times asking him to come back and work for Grappone once again. Chris took sometime to think about it and ultimately accepted the job. He continued his career at the Ford store for the remaining 25 years of his career. Chris has had an amazing and successful career at Grappone as their Fleet and Commercial Sales Representative. Throughout the course of his career, Chris has sold more than 10,000 vehicles. That is an average of 270 vehicles per year. Chris has worked with nearly 75% of all …

Grappone Automotive Group Awards Speedway Children’s Charities With A $5,000 Donation

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The Grappone Automotive Group recently presented a $5,000 donation to Speedway Children’s Charities as the first round winner in the annual Grappone Cares Contest on Wednesday July 10th. The Grappone Cares Contest is put on by the Grappone Automotive Group in an effort to build strong relationships within its community. The Grappone Cares Contest is a Facebook Contest that enables non-profit organizations to be nominated, and voted upon, by the more than 33,000 Grappone Facebook Fans, for the chance to win $5,000 through the Toyota Match Program. The Toyota Dealer Match Program enables dealer contributions to make a greater impact on the community. Since 1991, Toyota has contributed nearly $800 million to non-profit organizations, and has always been guided by a strong belief in serving the communities where it does business. The Grappone Cares Contest consists of four rounds. In order to be as diverse as possible; this year Grappone has broken up the contest into three themes with the nominations centered around; Families and Children in Need, Animals in Need, and Environmentally Focused Organizations. Each round will host a different theme. Speedway Children’s Charities, the first round winner, is a non-profit organization that works to improve the lives of children. They provide funds for hundreds of non-profit organizations throughout the nation that meet the direct needs of children, no matter what obstacle the children are facing. The Speedway Children’s Charities, located in Loudon, New Hampshire, puts on many events in which all of …

The Grappone Automotive Group Takes a Giant Leap Towards a Healthy Environment for Everyone

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The Grappone Automotive Group is pleased to announce that it will be a smoke and tobacco free campus as of July 1st, 2014. “The main reason behind this decision is to promote a healthier environment for our team members, vendors and guests,” said Amanda Grappone Osmer, fourth generation owner of the 90-year- old company. The campus of Grappone Automotive Group will be thoroughly marked with signs letting guests, team members and vendors know they are now a smoke-free campus. During the transition into a smoke-free and tobacco-free environment, Grappone Automotive Group offered assistance to their team members to help them quit smoking before the July 1st transition. Other healthy initiatives that Grappone Automotive Group has put into effect within the past few years are:     An on-site fitness center with small hand held weights and bench, treadmill, stationary bike and elliptical machine.     Replacement of traditional vending machine options with Healthy Snack vending alternatives.     Johnson’s Golden Harvest Farmers’ Market sets up a fresh fruits and vegetables stand at their Toyota facility every other week.     A dock was installed on the Turkey River behind the Toyota store for easy access to paddling on the Merrimack. Many team members enjoy Boat to Work days throughout the summer.   Additionally, Grappone has two programs in place that encourage and support healthy decision making. A Health and Wellness Program reimburses team members for expenses related to exercise and fitness classes as well as equipment. A “Joy of Fitness” program is …

Grappone Automotive Group Receives President’s Award From Toyota

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The Grappone Automotive Group in Bow has earned the 2013 President’s Award from Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. for the 20th time. “Your dedication to operational excellence and exceptional customer care has earned your dealership this distinguisehd honor and set the standard for your fellow Toyota Dealers,” Toyota President and CEO Kazuo Ohara wrote in a letter announcing the award. “For us, it’s not about the cars, it’s about the people,” said Amanda Grappone Osmer, 4th generation owner of the dealer group that is celebrating its 90th year in operation. “This award really validates the dedication our team shows, day in and day out, to building lifelong relationships and taking care of our guests and community.” Grappone Toyota consistently ranks ahead of the New England region and nation in its retention of guests. Auto shoppers at Grappone experience an upfront pricing, negotiation free sales model with non-commissioned product specialists, free coffee and pop corn, and an owner who may serenade them on the banjo while they purchase their car. Service guests may find healthy wraps, fruit and salad available, and an occasional farmer’s market taking place in the waiting area. All guests experience Grappone’s LEED (leadership in energy and environmental design) certified building, designed to take adavantage of the natural beauty of Merrimack river valley. The facility is heated by geothermal wells, has solar-powered electric charging stations, and has a “green wall” with an interactive touch screen showing how the …

Summer Road Trip Tips

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Now that summer weather is finally here and you’re thinking about taking a road trip with your friends make sure you prepare your car for the long adventure that you will embark in. We at Grappone Automotive Group have put together a list of things to make sure things with your car are up to par before you venture off on your summer trip. 1. Check Fluids — Fluids are what help the engine and your car run smoothly. Without the proper fluids in your car it may break down on the side of the road and even cause enough damage that is beyond repair. The most important fluids that exist in your car are: Engine Oil Transmission Fluid Gasoline Antifreeze/Coolant Radiator Coolant Brake Fluid Power Steering Fluid Windshield Washer Fluid 2. Hoses and Belts — Hoses and belts help run your car. Similar to the arteries of the human body, hoses and belts in your car help it run. Some hoses and belts can be costly to fix to it’s important to make sure all are in good shape before you head down the road. You won’t want your car to break down in the middle of no where without a service shop for many miles. Some of the most important belts and hoses to make sure are in good condition before your trip include: Timing Belt Serpentine Belt Coolant Hoses 3. Tires — Tires are what tie your car …

Grappone Cares Has Started

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Happy Monday to all our Facebook Fans! Today starts the first round of our Grappone Cares Contest. Nominate your favorite non-profit organizations so they can have the chance to win $5,000! Click the link below to nominate your favorite non-profit that helps out Families and Children in Need throughout the state of New Hampshire Information about the contest can also be found on our website Contest Rules: 1. To nominate an organization you must become a Facebook fan of Grappone Automotive Group. 2. Nominations must include a short description of the organization. 3. To be considered, each nomination must have a link to the charity or non-profit organization’s website. 4. Staff, volunteers, and supporters of organizations are allowed and encouraged to nominate their own organizations. However, only ONE nomination per organization is needed. 5. Grappone House rules apply: 6. Nominees for final voting will be selected at random to eliminate any biases that may occur. Ten random organizations that were nominated will be selected for final voting. 7. Voters are only allowed to vote once per day.

Vickie Kaspszak Is the Hero Award Winner Presented by the Capital Area Health and Wellness Coalition

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Vickie is the kind of teammate who makes others live better by her selfless service. She cares about the health and wellness of each and every GrapponeTeam Member. Vickie is receiving this award for her ongoing daily efforts to encourage and support Grappone’s team. She has made an outstanding contribution beyond the call of duty, and encourages friends, family and co-workers to reconsider their nutritional and lifestyle choices. She helps to make those around her healthier and is an inspiration to others. Vickie is the reason that Grappone Automotive Group is achieving their goal of becoming a healthier workforce. In October, 2012, Grappone launched their Health and Wellness team to reflect their mission of building lifelong relationships with their team members. Vickie stated, “Our goal, as the core group of health conscious individuals, is to work together. We started by taking a step back and gathered important information as to what specific areas of health needs and interests are within our organization. With that information we began our journey….creating health and wellness initiatives for a better you, a better me, a better us.” The following are some highlighted achievements by Vickie that helped drive Grappone Automotive towards a healthier state of nirvana and success. April 27-28, 2013, Vickie Kaspszak received her Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist (CWWS) certificate from the National Wellness Institute. All soda & vending machines were replaced with Healthy Snack vending machines. Johnson’s Golden Harvest Farmers’ Market at Toyota, every other …