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Laura Evans, Grappone Toyota Appointment Coordinator, arrived at Live and Let Live Farm in Chichester, NH, on Friday, July 22nd, to meet with Terry Penny, a volunteer at the farm. She watched a short film on the history of how the farm came to be. She then went straight to work, at the Tack Shop, sorting rain sheets, turn out sheets and light blankets, and binning them up according to size. Laura’s next project consisted of unloading the truck’s inventory used at the Deerfield Fair Grounds the prior weekend for the Deerfield 250th Celebration. She also worked with Terry to saddle a horse for the very first time. Finally, Laura cleaned out the puppy pens and exercised the puppies to help release some of their built up energy! At the end of her day of volunteering, Laura presented Terry Penny with a $250 donation from Grappone in the Community to help support the farm. Live and Let Live Farm is “A non-profit, Volunteer Rehabilitation, Rescue and Sanctuary for animals”, which relies solely on volunteers to run the farm. Laura had a wonderful time and is looking forward to returning to the farm again soon!

Vickie Kaspszak Is the Hero Award Winner Presented by the Capital Area Health and Wellness Coalition

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Vickie is the kind of teammate who makes others live better by her selfless service. She cares about the health and wellness of each and every GrapponeTeam Member. Vickie is receiving this award for her ongoing daily efforts to encourage and support Grappone’s team. She has made an outstanding contribution beyond the call of duty, and encourages friends, family and co-workers to reconsider their nutritional and lifestyle choices. She helps to make those around her healthier and is an inspiration to others. Vickie is the reason that Grappone Automotive Group is achieving their goal of becoming a healthier workforce. In October, 2012, Grappone launched their Health and Wellness team to reflect their mission of building lifelong relationships with their team members. Vickie stated, “Our goal, as the core group of health conscious individuals, is to work together. We started by taking a step back and gathered important information as to what specific areas of health needs and interests are within our organization. With that information we began our journey….creating health and wellness initiatives for a better you, a better me, a better us.” The following are some highlighted achievements by Vickie that helped drive Grappone Automotive towards a healthier state of nirvana and success. April 27-28, 2013, Vickie Kaspszak received her Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist (CWWS) certificate from the National Wellness Institute. All soda & vending machines were replaced with Healthy Snack vending machines. Johnson’s Golden Harvest Farmers’ Market at Toyota, every other …

2014 Grappone Cares Contest

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The first round of our 2014 Grappone Cares Contest is set to start on June 9th. This is a Facebook Contest put on by The Grappone Automotive Group that enables non-profit organizations to be nominated, and voted upon by our Facebook Fans for the chance to win $5,000 through the Toyota Match Program. This year Grappone will be doing things differently than in years past. The contest will consist of the same nomination period, followed by a voting period, however there will now be criteria for the eligible nominee’s. The first round of the Grappone Cares Contest will be catered towards non-profit organizations that help support Families and Children in Need throughout New Hampshire. Organizations meeting this criteria will be eligible to be voted on by our Facebook Fans. The second and third round of the Grappone Cares Contest will be catered towards Animals in Need, and Nature and Environmental organizations, respectively. The fourth round of the Contest will be a “Grappone Pick” where members of our team here at The Grappone Automotive Group will vote on whom they think the winner should be out of all the nominated organizations that weren’t a part of the voting period. In previous years, through the Grappone Cares Contest; Grappone has donated to an assortment of non-profits such as Sullivan County Humane Society, Live and Let Live Farm, Granite State Dog Recovery, Becky’s Gift, and Sock Homelessness. The Grappone Automotive Group realizes the importance of giving …