Fiddlers in the Showroom

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For the second consecutive year, Grappone Automotive Group was pleased to host the New Hampshire Fiddle Ensemble during their April concert series. Peaceful sounds resonated throughout the Toyota showroom on the evening of Saturday April 1, 2017. The snow storm was no match for the radiance that characterizes the Ensemble and their drive to put on a great show. The NH Fiddle Ensemble raised over $9,000 for the child abuse efforts of the New Hampshire Children’s Trust.

The Ensemble kicked off this benefit concert with a two set performance at the dealership. The group embodies many styles of music and plays a wide-variety of instruments in addition to the fiddle. These include banjos, cellos, harps, an accordion, and even a trumpet. Moreover, the concert highlighted beautiful singing and a yodel performance.

Main ensemble coach, Ellen Carlson shares her comments on the event, “The ensemble members just love doing the concert at Grappone Toyota. The acoustics are great and the members love that they can interact with the audience. All of the employees at Grappone are so accommodating and welcoming — even providing a “green room” for our members and having the parking lot clear on such a snowy day. The NH Children’s Trust and I find Grappone so easy to work with! I think this partnership of the arts, a community-minded company such as Grappone and a not-for-profit like the Children’s Trust has done some amazing things for a lot of people. We really appreciate their support.”

The Ensemble features musicians all across New England originating from diverse backgrounds and talents; not to mention children playing instruments behind their heads and hoola-hooping while playing music. In addition to the NH Children’s Trust, the group also supports the Franklin Opera House and Maine Irish Heritage Center during their benefit concert series.

Enjoy some footage from the show below!

For more information on the NH Fiddle Ensemble visit their website at To learn more about Grappone in the Community visit

Grappone in the Community Jennifer Spinney

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Jennifer Spinney, Grappone Toyota Appointment Coordinator Team Leader, volunteered for the Merrimack Valley Football Boosters on Wednesday, August 10th. When Jenn first arrived, she attended the team meeting with the coach, athletic director, trainer, assistant coaches and players. They spoke to the players about respect, grades, behavior, and team work. She was impressed by the response from the team as they listened to their peer’s valuable lessons, which included a conversation on adopting healthy lifestyle choices. She was amazed at how the Merrimack Valley Football Boosters philosophy mirrors ours, here at Grappone Automotive Group.

Jenn helped wrangle up the boys, created an attendance sheet for the coach, as well as, documented where the players stand with completion of their impact test, sports physical, camp registration, and IIE agreement. She also assisted with lunch preparation, serving, and cleanup. At the end of her day of volunteering, Jenn presented the Merrimack Valley Football Boosters with a $250 donation from Grappone in the Community, on her behalf.

The 2017 Ford Mustang has arrived in NH!

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The new 2017 Ford Mustang has arrived and they are looking better than ever. Since the first ever Mustang produced in 1964, Ford has significantly improved the iconic American muscle car in terms of performance, design, sportiness, capability and the latest Mustang is no exception. This year’s model got a serious technolomustanggy upgrade and has now added more available standard features to suit all of your needs. The 2017 Mustang’s handling is known for being exceptional and is more than capable of hugging around those curvy mountainous roads, gripping sharp corners, and weathering New Hampshire roads with ease, all without sacrificing style or comfort. Drive through Laconia and hit the strip at Weirs Beach in this summer’s hottest vehicle.

The NHTSA gave the new mustang an overall 5/5 safety rating, and the convertible received a 5/5 rollover rating leaving New Hampshire Ford Mustang drivers in pretty good hands.

There are plenty of options to choose from with 10 trim levels available, you can now opt for up to 526 ponies. The war among brand loyal consumers on the Mustang versus Camaro debacle will forever wage on. But as of right now, when compared to the 2017 Ford Mustang GT, the latest Camaro is no match. Don’t believe us? Come on into Grappone Ford for a test drive and check it out for yourself.

Grappone in the Community | Live and Let Live Farm

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Laura Evans, Grappone Toyota Appointment Coordinator, arrived at Live and Let Live Farm in Chichester, NH, on Friday, July 22nd, to meet with Terry Penny, a volunteer at the farm. She watched a short film on the history of how the farm came to be. She then went straight to work, at the Tack Shop, sorting rain sheets, turn out sheets and light blankets, and binning them up according to size. Laura’s next project consisted of unloading the truck’s inventory used at the Deerfield Fair Grounds the prior weekend for the Deerfield 250th Celebration. She also worked with Terry to saddle a horse for the very first time. Finally, Laura cleaned out the puppy pens and exercised the puppies to help release some of their built up energy!

At the end of her day of volunteering, Laura presented Terry Penny with a $250 donation from Grappone in the Community to help support the farm. Live and Let Live Farm is “A non-profit, Volunteer Rehabilitation, Rescue and Sanctuary for animals”, which relies solely on volunteers to run the farm. Laura had a wonderful time and is looking forward to returning to the farm again soon!

Car Batteries VS New Hampshire

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Dead Car Battery

“My Car Battery is Dead”

It happens to all us. You hit the ignition, and nothing. Your battery is dead, and it always seems to happen at the most inconvenient times. There are a number of things that have an impact on the life of your car battery, especially the climate we live in. In New Hampshire, we have cold winters and our car batteries unfortunately struggle to keep up. According to the AAA Auto Research Center, at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, a battery loses about 35% of it’s starting capability. At 0 degrees Fahrenheit, that loss increases to about 60%. At the same time, starting the engine in your car can take up to twice the amount of battery power so its by no surprise that cold weather with a weak battery, can lead to a very frustrating “no-start” situation.

Battery warning signs

  • Sluggish Crank
  • Pause/hesitation before engine turns over.
  • Recent jumpstart.
  • Corrosion around battery terminals
Corroded Battery
If your battery is 3 years or older, it is a good idea to get it tested. Getting your battery tested regularly at your local dealer, can prevent a “no-start” situation and can save you a ton of frustration. If you are experiencing a battery issues because of the recent cold weather in New Hampshire, we can help! Visit any of our dealerships and our Certified Technicians are here for you!


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Grappone Mazda Service Center
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Grappone Hyundai Service Center

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Grappone in the Community with Stevenna Pisapia

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Stevenna Pisapia, Grappone Human Resources Assistant, had a blast volunteering at The Upper Room’s 14th Annual Family Matters Auction on Friday, November 6th to benefit southern NH children and families. While there she helped set up the tables for the auction, did registration, entered the bid numbers, and cashed everyone out at the end of the night. Stevenna said it was inspirational seeing the community come together to support such a great non-profit during a fun night of silent bids, live bids, raffles, and games. And on top of all of that fund raising, 75 children were sponsored directly at $250 a piece per child; the Grappone in the Community program directly sponsoring one of those children.

The Upper Room is a non-profit Family Resource Center located in Derry committed to the development of strong individuals and families in the community. Stevenna has previously volunteered and interned at The Upper Room and is very thankful she had an opportunity to go back through the Grappone in the Community program. She’s excited to volunteer again next year at The Upper Room’s 15th Annual Family Matters Auction!


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Grappone in the Community with Jenna Wible

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The weather was quite chilly, but the atmosphere was fun and welcoming when Jenna Wible, Grappone Ford/Mazda Parts Warehouse Representative, arrived at the Autism Speaks Northern New England 13th annual Walk on Sunday, September 20th. Jenna signed in and headed over to the Children’s Activity Area to set up and decorate the tent. She spent most of her time helping the children with coloring, making bookmarks and Halloween pictures. Each child got a sticker once they completed a craft which they could trade in for a prize. She also spent some time at the bounce house; when the children were finished bouncing she gave them each a lollipop.

Families from Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont gathered on the campus of Southern New Hampshire University to support Autism Speaks’ mission to fund research and increase awareness to advocate for individuals with autism and their families. Special guests included: the UNH Men’s basketball team, WLNH 98.3 DJ “Mya,” and representatives from the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon.

Jenna was proud to be a part of this event, and at the end of her day of volunteering she presented Autism Speaks with a $250 donation from Grappone in the Community, made on her behalf.


What is the Grappone in the Community Program all about?

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Toyota has sold it’s 8 millionth Hybrid vehicle

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The automobile has had a plethora of changes since the birth year of the modern car in 1886. None-the-less; from the steam powered cars of the 19th century, to the most sophisticated modern machines in the world today, we as humans seem to always be sprinting on the technological treadmill of perfection.  With that being said, this very same “technological treadmill” that we run on each and every day keeps picking up pace as time moves along.

“As the ultimate end-users of our own technology, how do we know when to grasp onto a specific trend or idea?”


Toyota Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada likes to tell the story of how his team   couldn’t get the first Prius prototype to move for 49 days. According to him, “We had  no idea what was wrong, so we worked late every night trying to figure it out. We  finally got it to move around Christmas time, but it only went 500 meters!” That was  back in 1995, when hybrid cars were unproven, experimental machines with a very  unclear future. If we fast forward to August 21st 2015, Toyota has announced that it has now sold over 8 million hybrid vehicles. It took awhile for cultures around the  world to catch onto hybrid technology when it was made available to the public back  in 1995, but after this announcement…

“we as humans can faithfully say that not only did  hybrid technology become accepted; it has almost become the norm.”



At Grappone Automotive Group, we are one of the largest Toyota Prius retailers in the State of New Hampshire. With nearly 2000 units sold since 2005, we serve all of our guests with integrity, kindness, and respect. The environment we create is one where the needs of our guests come first. We have eliminated the hassle and wasted time of the back and forth negotiation process to make your stay with us a great one and we do not pay our Product Specialists on commission. This means that you have an advocate by your side to help you find the best car that fits your needs.


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Hyundai NFL Sponsorship

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What happens when greatness meets greatness?

We’re about to find out as Hyundai goes pro.

Show your love for the NFL

There are certain things that communicate unequivocally to the world that you’ve made it. For actor’s it’s winning an Oscar; for other’s it may be a corner office. If you’re a vehicle manufacturer; it’s netting the creme de la creme of sponsorships . Hyundai has made impressive increases in quality and reliability in recent years, ranking highly in the 2015 J.D. Power and Associates Initial Quality Study at fourth place behind only Porsche, Jaguar, and sister brand, Kia. Add in America’s Best Warranty, and you’ve got the recipe for greatness. The company’s sponsorship of the National Football League is the perfect way to showcase this excellence, reaching out to the passionate fans of America’s most watched sport. Said Dave Zuchowski, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor America,  “We are huge football fans at Hyundai and feel there is no better venue to reach consumers, increase consideration and tell the Hyundai brand story. We can’t wait to show the NFL’s 188 million fans the great design, advanced technologies, dynamic performance and numerous safety features within the Hyundai lineup. The NFL and Hyundai also share a commitment to helping the communities where we do business, another important aspect of our sponsorship.” As for the NFL,  Renie Anderson, the Senior Vice President of Sponsorship added that,  “We are pleased to welcome Hyundai to our family of sponsors. We appreciate Hyundai’s enthusiasm as we work together to reach our fans with innovative programs during our season and with our major calendar events throughout the year.” One thing is certain, when Hyundai begins its activation during September tenth’s kickoff activities, the world won’t be able to look away. Somehow, we don’t think they’ll want to.

Visit Grappone Hyundai Today!

Whether you’re from Manchester, Nashua, Laconia, or anywhere else in New Hampshire, you will love our LOW Upfront Pricing! At Grappone, we eliminated the stressful back-and forth negotiation process to put the fun back into buying cars in the Granite State.  Here, we openly display our LOW Upfront Prices on all of our vehicles, so that every guest can get the same great Grappone price. From the minute you step onto the lot, you will always be treated with kindness, integrity, and respect. At Grappone, we don’t just want to sell you a car, we want to form lifelong relationships with you and your family. Making sure that you get the experience you deserve is just one way we make that happen. When you start looking for a vehicle, it’s a big decision. Your car isn’t just a means of transportation; it’s your trusted friend, the place you belted show-tunes from the top of your lungs, and your home-away from home. At Grappone, we have an intimate understanding of the crucial role your vehicle plays in your life. That’s why our non-commissioned Product Specialists are so committed to making sure that your vehicle is the perfect fit for you. In fact, your satisfaction is so important to Grappone that we offer a three-day-money-back guarantee on every vehicle we sell. With that, you can be certain that the vehicle that you loved on the lot is one you’ll love for years. Come check out our Grappone Hyundai dealership in Bow, NH near Salem today and see what we mean when we say that we are truly Driven to Amaze!


2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata Near Portsmouth NH

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It’s back …

and better than ever! Get ready for the latest, greatest incarnation of Mazda’s beloved roadster

… the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata

Ever since it zoomed into the hearts and garages of consumers in 1989, the Mazda MX-5 Miata has thrilled us with its beautiful design and blissful driving experience; simultaneously pushing the lid of innovation and staying true to the spirit that vehicle enthusiasts know and love. This commitment to excellence is continued with the unveiling of the all-new 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata , which is the embodiment of everything you always loved but better. The 2016 version retains the vehicle’s near-perfect 50-50 weight distribution, while updating the design with Mazda’s latest KODO- Soul of Motion styling for a look that is sleek, modern, aggressive, and stylish enough to ensure that all eyes are on you.

In a world where everything seems to be getting bigger, the new Mazda MX-5 Miata remains defiantly small, staying true to the soul of the ’89 original. In one short year, Mazda has managed to shave over 148 lbs from its iconic roadster, allowing the svelte 2016 model to take to the road even more nimbly than its predecessors. Despite its petite dimensions, the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata for sale near Portsmouth NH is designed with your comfort in mind. The new, larger cabin boasts more supportive seats as well as a lower driving position that truly allows you to feel like one with your vehicle. Removable cup-holders allow sports car purists to maintain the sleek aesthetic they prefer, while providing the option of a place to put a cup of coffee on the way to work. If the  brilliant design isn’t enough to convince you that you want a Mazda MX-5 Miata and you want it now, the newest edition boasts a plethora of amazing available amenities including a Navigation System with 3D interactive map, Advanced Keyless Entry System, Automatic Climate Control, and a Mazda Connect infotainment system with Bose surround sound on all Club and Grand Touring Models. Finally, the vehicle is equipped with Mazda’s latest i-Activsense safety technology. The Grand Touring model comes standard with a lane departure warning system, , rear cross traffic alert and blind spot monitoring, among other amazing features. This ensures that you’ll be just as safe as you are stylish. If you’re looking for style and luxury, coupled with the ultimate driving experience, the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata is sure to satisfy on all accounts.

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