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NH Car Dealership
At the Grappone Automotive Group, we have four storefronts all in one convenient location at the heart of the granite state in Bow, NH.  If you are looking for a new or used car in New Hampshire and enjoy being pleasantly surprised by a company that treats their guests with integrity, kindness, and respect, than Grappone Automotive Group is the place for you. Your car is your family shuttle, travel buddy, work tool, kids’ playroom, dining room, a karaoke companion, and keeper of many memories. That’s why choosing the right car for you and your family should be an enjoyable experience. At Grappone, our Product Specialists are not paid on commission. It is their job to find the least expensive vehicle at any of our stores, that best fits your needs. It’s that simple.




Grappone Ford
530 Route 3ABow,NH, 03304
Sales: (888) 725-6992
Service and Parts: (800) 528-8993


Grappone Honda
519 Route 3A Bow, NH, 03304
Sales: (888) 903-3359
Service and Parts: (800) 528-8993

Grappone Toyota
594 Route 3ABow,NH03304
Sales: (888) 431-5205
Service and Parts: (800) 528-8993




Grappone Mazda
530 Route 3ABow,NH03304
Sales: (888) 405-6957
Service and Parts: (800) 528-8993


Grappone Hyundai

514 Route 3ABow,NH03304
Sales: (888) 787-8582
Service and Parts: (800) 528-8993

Grappone Scion
594 Route 3ABow,NH03304
Sales: (877) 356-5810
Service and Parts: (800) 528-8993





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