Leadership Grappone 2018: Session 1

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In March, the Leadership Grappone class embarked on a yearlong journey to explore their own leadership potential, learn more about the company, and discover what makes the state of NH such a special place to live, work and play. We asked one of the class participants, Jim Snedeker, Asst. Office Manager, to walk us through what happened during the group’s first class.

“Ever since I began working at Grappone, I have sought after opportunities that take a more active role in the ongoing development of the company as we continue to (re)define who and what we are. I have also participated in any offerings that would aid in my own personal development. The purpose behind the Leadership Grappone (LG) class seemed to be the perfect answer as to how I could do both simultaneously!

This group will allow each participant to be an integral part of the evolution of our company as we strive to better understand ourselves. While we may have similar aspirations, we each bring our own unique experiences and style to the table. The common goal being to put it all together, dive in and explore, in order to learn valuable lessons and come away stronger and more driven than we began.

During our first “meeting” (actually an overnight retreat with the entire LG group) we jumped right into the thick of it and had a number of eye-opening and boundary-pushing experiences. To begin with, we visited the NH Public Broadcasting Service (NHPBS) studio where each of us went on camera to record our own “spot” describing what we would like to get out of our time in the LG program. I’ll just say that comfort zones were abruptly exited. After lunch we made our way to Strawberry Banke, in Portsmouth, and sat with Peter Jude Ricciardi. Peter worked as a marketing professional at Disney for 15 years and now owns his own marketing firm here in NH. He shared a number of great stories and provided us with many pieces of sound advice as we continue moving forwards in our lives and careers. Afterward, we were given a private tour of the Strawberry Banke neighborhood to (re)introduce us to a special part of NH. Following our tour, we spent a couple hours as a group exploring and fine-tuning our improv skills… which was hilarious, yet unexpectedly unifying.

In the midst of a snow storm we (eventually) found our overnight home at Alnoba, in Kensington, NH and we settled in for the night. We made dinner as a group and again we were able to spend time talking and strengthening our connection to each other. Morning came fast and after breakfast we took part in a team building exercise that cut to the core of some of us; revealing that each of us is dealing with our own challenges personally and professionally, which only further solidified our bond as a group. Later, we were given an assignment that, once completed, will help shape the manner in which we form and maintain lifelong relationships with our return guests. I think I can safely speak for each member of the LG group when I say that this has been a great experience so far and I very much look forward to our future meetings and the adventures that we will share with each other!”

Author: Jim Snedeker, Asst. Office Manager, Leadership Grappone class of 2018

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