6 Inexpensive Gifts for Mom

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1. Vacuum Mom’s car while she gets to sleep in. Vacuum Mom’s car while she gets a little extra sleep this Mother’s Day. Simple ways to ‘Wow!’ Mom with an interior cleaning can be washing her windows, cleaning the dashboard, and vacuuming the inside. Don’t forget to shake out the floor mats too! If you’re crunched for time, give our service department a call to schedule a reconditioning appointment at 800-528-8993 or visit grapponetoyota.com/service   2. Wash the exterior, tires and wheels. For all the baths Mom gave you…she is sure to appreciate you taking the time to wash her car. Make sure to clean her tires and wheels, since they are the part of the vehicle that touches the road most- hence dirt, brake dust, and grime from grease. Make Mom smile this Mother’s Day with a shiny, clean vehicle. 3. Replace windshield wipers. Keep Mom safe with this simple and inexpensive gesture. Did you know that wiper blades should be replaced every six months to a year? When the rubber on the blades wears down it can reduce visibility for the driver. Grappone Ford currently has a Buy One Get One Half Off wiper specials going on now. 4. Go on an adventure. If your mom loves hiking, take advantage of the spring time weather to hike some of New Hampshire’s best peaks. Load up the car with Mom’s favorite snacks and head to her favorite spot. Visit www.nhstateparks.org/Activities/hiking/ for …

Summer Road Trip Tips

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Now that summer weather is finally here and you’re thinking about taking a road trip with your friends make sure you prepare your car for the long adventure that you will embark in. We at Grappone Automotive Group have put together a list of things to make sure things with your car are up to par before you venture off on your summer trip. 1. Check Fluids — Fluids are what help the engine and your car run smoothly. Without the proper fluids in your car it may break down on the side of the road and even cause enough damage that is beyond repair. The most important fluids that exist in your car are: Engine Oil Transmission Fluid Gasoline Antifreeze/Coolant Radiator Coolant Brake Fluid Power Steering Fluid Windshield Washer Fluid 2. Hoses and Belts — Hoses and belts help run your car. Similar to the arteries of the human body, hoses and belts in your car help it run. Some hoses and belts can be costly to fix to it’s important to make sure all are in good shape before you head down the road. You won’t want your car to break down in the middle of no where without a service shop for many miles. Some of the most important belts and hoses to make sure are in good condition before your trip include: Timing Belt Serpentine Belt Coolant Hoses 3. Tires — Tires are what tie your car …

Why does my car get bad fuel economy in the winter?

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Are you someone who keeps track of your cars fuel economy every time you fill up? I am! I divide my miles driven by gallons needed to fill up my tank. I drive a 2010 Toyota Matrix and normally can get around 30 MPG – how awesome!  Lately I have seen my MPG slowly decrease, today was the lowest it has ever been, 25 MPG. Five miles might not sound like a lot but when you realize you have to gas up 30 miles sooner than you would have normally, it hurts! I reached out to Marcel who works in Grappone Toyota‘s service department. Marcel has been with Grappone for almost 42 years, so he is a wealth of knowledge around here.  I asked Marcel, why does my car get such bad fuel economy in the winter? This is a question I have always wondered, and I made up my own answers – I use a lot of heat and I idle my car, but I never asked an expert. Apparently I was not the only one asking this question, Marcel said just yesterday a guest was asking him for an explanation, and they drove a Prius. During the time when gas prices were $4.25 everyone asked him why this happened. Here is how he explained it: Plain and simple – because it is cold. – Imagine going outside for a walk in this temperature you move slower because your …

Snow Safety Tips Part 1

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Here are some safety tips from Grappone to help you get through the winter season: When traveling down hill, no matter the size, down shift. Remember you CAN down shift in an automatic vehicle. Go to the gear that is below Drive, whether it is 4th gear or 3rd. This will help slow your car down without forcing you to apply the brakes. By avoiding the brakes you can keep your vehicle balanced which gives you more control and prevents you from sliding. Another tip is to use Arctic Wipers. These wipers are built especially for the cold winter months and the rubber won’t freeze. You will always be able to use your wipers and keep a clean windshield without hurting your visibility. Don’t forget to get snow tires. Snow tires are great especially if you live on a back road. Traction is everything during snow storms and snow tires provide the extra traction needed. Always keep an emergency road side kit in your vehicle, including non perishable food (granola bars), flashlights, and reflectors. Please remember, even if you drive a 4WD or AWD vehicle you are not invincible. Go slow during storms and on snow cover roads. Always be aware of the temperature and be cautious of black ice.

Zombie Apocalypse

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The question of the week has been: What car would you want to have during the Zombie Apocalypse and why? Each person has different priorities when they think about surviving zombies, which means different cars will help them survive. Whether zombies will ever come about is another story, but we had fun thinking about the best car to survive with. Here are some answers from Grappone team members: – Toyota Tundra Diesel: it’s a big truck and the diesel fuel will last longer. – Hyundai Tuscon: it is used in the Walking Dead and has worked for them. – Ford Raptor: great for off roading which will allow you to escape zombies in any terrain. – Ford F150 Ecoboost: get’s more gas mileage than the Raptor would but still packs a punch. – Toyota Camry Hybrid with Run Flat Tires: great fuel economy and the tires will help you run over debris. – 1975 Toyota Celica: aerodynamic, minimal electronics, easy to fix, wedge body style is good for shin breaking. – 2014 Ford Focus Electric: nice and quiet so zombies won’t be able to find you. – Ford F350: huge truck you can squish zombies with. – Ford Escape: Fuel efficient, lots of room for cargo, AWD will allow you to run over zombies. – Toyota 4Runner: great for off roading, a lot of room inside. – Honda Pilot Touring: AWD, sunroof will allow you to shoot on the move, …

Remembering Route 66

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Have you heard of Route 66? Most people have. It was the famous 2,451 mile long highway. It went through eight states, from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California. I would consider it the most famous road in the country, but that’s just my opinion. Traveling along this road would be like traveling through history. How cool! Sadly the original road does not exist. There are still parts of it in certain towns but we will never get America’s Main Street back. You are probably wondering by now where I am going with this. I always enjoy ‘this day in history’ facts. On June 27, 1985 the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials decertified Route 66 as a highway, removing all highway signs and disposing most of the road. Although you can’t travel the original Route 66, it is feature in the movie Cars, it has it’s own song, and there was a TV series based on it. My question to you: If you could travel back in time what car would you want to drive down Route 66?