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At Grappone Automotive Group, we are privileged to have a unique company culture that sets us apart from many other organizations. With things like boat to work day, goofy dress up days,  an in-house fitness center with exercise programs, children’s Christmas parties, annual pit-crew challenges, team member appreciation days, marathons, and much more, we pride ourselves in the atmosphere that we create.  We have had many guests from organizations around the country that stop by just to observe our culture and to learn what makes us different. Our fourth generation owner Amanda, is on site and works with all of our departments to ensure that our guests and team members have a great experience. She is often seen playing the banjo in our showrooms, providing our team members and guests with an inspiring atmosphere that many enjoy. We even have a grand piano at our Toyota Dealership that team members and guests are encouraged to play! At Grappone, our culture is formulated and stems itself from three defining principals; integrity, kindness, and respect. Our team members are encouraged to live by these principals in that it translates into the life-long relationships that we build with our guests, community, and each other. Our company culture is always morphing, adapting, and improving on a day to day basis, and we look forward to providing our team members with a great place to work for years and generations to come.


boat to work day

boat to work day2

boat to work day 4

boat to work day 5











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