6 Inexpensive Gifts for Mom

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1. Vacuum Mom’s car while she gets to sleep in.

Vacuum Mom’s car while she gets a little extra sleep this Mother’s Day. Simple ways to ‘Wow!’ Mom with an interior cleaning can be washing her windows, cleaning the dashboard, and vacuuming the inside. Don’t forget to shake out the floor mats too! If you’re crunched for time, give our service department a call to schedule a reconditioning appointment at 800-528-8993 or visit grapponetoyota.com/service


2. Wash the exterior, tires and wheels.

For all the baths Mom gave you…she is sure to appreciate you taking the time to wash her car. Make sure to clean her tires and wheels, since they are the part of the vehicle that touches the road most- hence dirt, brake dust, and grime from grease. Make Mom smile this Mother’s Day with a shiny, clean vehicle.

3. Replace windshield wipers.

Keep Mom safe with this simple and inexpensive gesture. Did you know that wiper blades should be replaced every six months to a year? When the rubber on the blades wears down it can reduce visibility for the driver. Grappone Ford currently has a Buy One Get One Half Off wiper specials going on now.

4. Go on an adventure.

If your mom loves hiking, take advantage of the spring time weather to hike some of New Hampshire’s best peaks. Load up the car with Mom’s favorite snacks and head to her favorite spot. Visit www.nhstateparks.org/Activities/hiking/ for destination spots! What Grappone vehicle will you take to the trail head?

5. Trunk Trays are a flower’s best friend.


Bring Mom to a local nursery and help her favorite flowers get home to the garden. Trunk trays are perfect for transporting flowers…without the mess. Plus, it’s a gift she will enjoy for many Mother’s Days to come!


6. Schedule an oil change.


Help Mom with her busy schedule by making her next oil change appointment at Grappone. The importance of an oil change is to keep the engine clean and we all know Mom likes to keep things clean. Overtime, oil breaks down into sludge, which can cause damage. Clean engines equal a longer life for the vehicle. We have some great service specials going on now at Grappone Mazda, check out grapponemazda.com/service-specials.


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